How to Handle Images when Creating Campaigns

Campaign Images: Best Practices for Great Results

You’ve heard the saying… “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And images play an important part in the stories you’ll tell in your campaign pages.

For building great campaign pages in IgniteCX, you’ll want to include at least 3 images. These include:

  1. A Campaign Logo – This is your group’s “official” logo (if you have one), or other image that reflects who you are, and appears at the top of the campaign page (in the page ‘header’)
  2. A Campaign Featured Image. This is used on the campaign page to “grab” your supporters’ attention. It also appears in the campaign list on your organization’s IgniteCX Fundraising Homepage.
  3. An image for Social Sharing. This is the image that will appear on social media (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter) when someone shares your campaign using our social sharing tool, as well as the one that appears in social media links on your campaign page.

Usually you upload these 3 images in Step 5 of the Campaign Creation Wizard (Campaign Page Appearance). But you can also add them on the ‘Campaign Edit’ screen in the ‘Campaign Page Appearance’ section.

The next sections give more detail about each of these key images.

The Campaign Logo is always 100px high, however, you can crop your image to any proportions you like when you upload it. Whatever area of the image you select, it will be re-sized to 100px in height.

The minimum dimentions of the image you can use as a logo are 100px high and 30 px wide.

You should try to avoid selecting a very long area – images with a wider aspect ration than 7.5:1 may cause some overlapping of other header contents (like the Social Sharing links) in some screen resolutions. This is not typically a problem, as 7.5:1 proportions make quite a long image and 99.99% of logos are typically much more ‘square’ in nature.

The Campaign Featured Image will always be made to fit a 700px wide by 466px high area on your campaign page. However, you can upload a bigger image and crop it to the required proportions with our online crop tool. You can upload a smaller image, but it’s strongly recommended to avoid this because as a result you may get a low quality or ‘grainy/distorted’ image.

There are no arbitrary upper size limits for an image you can upload. For you web-graphics-savvy users; you won’t have to worry about a large image slowing down your page load times, as the IgniteCX crop tool will re-size the image before it’s uploaded. The only real limit comes from the processing power of your computer and its RAM. The 700:466 aspect ratio of the Campaign Featured Image is close to the popular 4:3 ratio of a typical digital camera, so most of your photos should be easy to crop (at least those taken with a ‘landscape’ orientation).

Social media image

There is a separate field to upload an image for social sharing because the aspect ratio required by most social media sites is much wider; equal or close to 2:1. While the IgniteCX system takes care of the automated cropping of your selected image, we made it possible for you to decide what area of this image will work best when cropped to panorama or using different image for this purpose altogether.

Your campaign page features a gallery section. In general, it’s a good idea to include images of varying size and aspect ratios.

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