How to select a good image for your Organization Home Page

While looking for the right image to represent your organization on the IgniteCX home page you will probably stay focused on selecting a subject that is both relevant and appealing to your supporters. But you’ll also want to take into account a few technical and visual considerations such as:

  1. Minimum image dimensions
  2. Wide, “banner-like” proportions
  3. Other elements of the page overlapping parts of the image.

Minimum image dimensions

Your Organization Header image (after cropping) will have an aspect ration of 1920px x 517px. The 1920 px is the minimum recommended image width. This is equal to the width of an HD movie. In terms of camera Mega Pixels – the minimum you need is typical 3MPx photo with horizontal (landscape) orientation. If you have a much bigger one – don’t worry our crop tool will re-size your image behind the scenes. As the whole cropping and resizing process occurs within your browser, the maximum size limit depends only on the power of your computer/mobile device.


Wide, “banner-like” proportions

The typical image from camera has a 4:3 (width to height) aspect ratio. The cropped proportions will much more horizontal (approx. 19:5). You’ll be able to select just part of the image – cutting out top or bottom of the original image.


Other elements of the page overlap some parts of the image.

Organization name and welcome text are overlaid on top of the image. This will change the composition of your image in a significant way. Plese note that the area overlapped by page elements differs depending on visitor screen size. That’s why most images that work best are those with very simple horizontal or central composition or with no composition at all (like images consisting of repeating elements, or patterns).


Here are some examples of image types that work well and those that don’t.

Close ups with people.

Group photos.


Photos of buildings present a challenge.