How do I make edits to my quote request?

The first question is: Can I make edits to my quote request after I submit to suppliers?

As in…

  • Add new artwork details?
  • Change the requested sizes or quantities?
  • Change the product brand or color?

Technically, no.  Why?  Editing a quote request could make things really confusing really fast, especially if suppliers respond to your quote before you make your edit.  Then, all within one project bundle, you have supplier offers responding to different versions of your request, which makes tracking and pricing comparisons, etc. pretty difficult.  With that, we opted to lock a quote from the user end once you submit it.

But, there are a couple ways around this:

  1. You can contact the suppliers that you’d like to work with, and inform them of the change directly.  They can then submit a new offer version back to you incorporating your changes.
  2. You can submit a new quote request, and incorporate your new changes there.