What if I don’t know what products to request?

If this is your first time ordering custom merchandise for a big group or event, it can definitely be overwhelming. What type of product is best – a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or an engraved metal drinking straw? And then, which t-shirt out of the hundreds of options should you go for?

Be sure to take the following factors into account, when making your decision:

  • What budget do you have? Are you shooting for a lower price point item, or something higher end?
  • If this is a recurring event (like an annual fun run), what were the options last year? Are people expecting the same product? Or does your team offer something new each year?
  • Consider the audience, and location of your audience: would they appreciate a fleece 1/4 zip or sweatshirt? Or does a tank top or t-shirt make more sense, if you’re in a hotter climate?
  • How are you hoping to customize the item? Depending on the complexity of the design and decoration request, this may also narrow down your options.

To browse some potential product options, we recommend checking out the SanMar catalog.  Don’t pay attention to the prices, as you’ll get much better deals through the AgoraCX bid process (the prices you see there are retail, not bulk, prices).

And, as always, feel free to send any questions over to our team at support@agoracx.com.