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Agora 2.1 – 7/29/22

Agora 2.1 represents the first large-scale update to the Agora commerce system since it was initially built in 2021. Agora 2.1 introduces AgoraQuote Single-Supplier Quoting for Supplier-controlled Stores. Smaller updates include enhancements to product category, shopping cart, checkout, profile, and login pages, and the addition of a user dashboard.

Store Enhancements

  1. Redesigned Product Category Page
    1. Filter products by Subcategory, price, Supplier, and Manufacturer
    2. Use imports to enable filtering by color and size
    3. Sort products within Subcategories
    4. Improved product searching
    5. Fully responsive page design
  2. Redesigned Shopping Cart
    1. Edit and delete
    2. Enter promo codes
    3. Fully responsive page design
  3. Redesigned Checkout
    1. New checkout options for different Site login settings
    2. New two-step shipping and payment process
    3. New order summary sidebar
    4. Enter gift certificate codes
    5. Depending on enabled payment methods, Users can now easily pay with points, credit card, purchase order, or any combination of the three.
    6. Order Approval (“Assign Users to Approvers” and “Session-Based Approval”) has been seamlessly integrated into the checkout process
    7. Customers can add comments to their Approver
    8. Fully responsive page design
  4. Site Login Settings (Admin Console Module)
    1. “Site Visibility and Security” and “User Login Settings” have been replaced with “Site Login Settings”, a simplified module allowing cleaner management of Users’ access to Sites
  5. Redesigned Login/Sign Up Page
    1. The Login/Sign Up page now accommodates all combinations of settings in “Site Login Settings”
  6. Redesigned User Profile
    1. Edit default shipping and billing addresses
    2. Edit personal details
    3. Reset password
  7. Redesigned User Dashboard
    1. New Overview tab for quick visibility of User details, points, orders, and items requiring attention
    2. New Approvals tab for approving or denying orders. Add comments when returning approved or denied orders to the customer, or when submitting the order for additional approval
    3. New Orders tab for viewing order status and accessing order details, history, shipments, tracking numbers, and fulfillment notes
  8. Admin console and front-end bug fixes

AgoraQuote Single-Supplier Quoting

  1. Front End Quote Request
    1. Request Quotes from the Supplier who controls the Platform
    2. Different Request forms accommodate Requests for supplies-style products and apparel/promotional products
    3. Upload tax-exemption documentation to a Quote Request
    4. Import items into a Quote Request using a CSV template
    5. Add items to a Quote Request from products already added to the Store
    6. Add attachments, links, and notes to supplies-style line items in a Quote Request
    7. Add images, notes, budget preferences, apparel sizes, custom sizes, and decoration details to apparel/promotional product line items in a Quote Request
  2. Front End Quoting tab in the User Dashboard
    1. View Request and Quote statuses
    2. View Quote details, and accept or decline Quotes
    3. Allow the Supplier to submit additional versions of a Quote
  3. Front End Quote Checkout
    1. Separate checkout workflow for Quote orders
  4. Admin Console Quoting Dashboard
    1. Suppliers can respond to Users’ Quote Requests with a Quote or decline the Request
    2. When responding to Requests, Suppliers can suggest alternate items
    3. Suppliers can submit supplies-style or apparel/promo Quotes directly to Site Users without responding to a Request
    4. When creating a Quote or responding to a Request, Suppliers can add notes, attachments, images, and UNSPSC codes to line items in their Quote
    5. When creating a Quote, Suppliers can send the Quote to an existing Site User or invite a new user to create an account
    6. Suppliers can submit additional versions of a Quote
  5. Admin Console Quoting Settings
    1. Set royalties for certain products
    2. Set default processing fees for all Quotes
    3. Determine which payment methods can be used for Quote orders
    4. Customize Quoting-related system emails and select the Admin who will receive email notifications

Updated on May 4, 2023

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