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Agora 3.10 – 4/26/23

Agora 3.10 includes a new feature allowing Admins to manage brand logos for product decoration along with several other bug fixes.


  1. Brand Logo Library
    1. Found under Site Settings, this module enables admins to upload and organize a library of logos or artwork files that Site Users may select from when requesting Quotes for or placing orders of decorated apparel or promotional products.
    2. For each logo, a production-ready source file and selected colors from the Brand Color Library can be associated to the thumbnail image visible to Site Users. When a product with a decoration location including a logo is submitted in an order or a Quote Request, these files and colors are passed to both Approvers and Suppliers.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue preventing Admins from receiving the password reset email.
  2. Product prices now have the thousands separator on product category pages.
  3. Resolved an issue where tooltips related to the Brand Color Library would provide misinformation in certain edge cases.
  4. Resolved an issue preventing custom color swatches from correctly adding to decoration locations in some cases.
  5. Resolved an issue causing product pricing and inventory to disappear when changes were made to the product SKU.
  6. Resolved several issues and with the Point Transaction Log report.
  7. Resolved an issue preventing Site User data from saving to the database when clicking “Save” on the Edit Site User page.
  8. Resolved an issue impacting Site Users’ and Admins’ ability to add catalog products to Quotes and Requests when those products were assigned to Product Visibility User Groups.
Updated on May 4, 2023

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