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Agora 3.12 – 5/9/23

Agora 3.12 rolls out several small bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  1. It is now possible to Request Quotes in Marketplaces when no Supplier Categories have been created. All active Suppliers will appear in the Quote Request form, the category selection block will not appear, and the approval, royalty, and Quote Request form settings are controlled using the “Supplier Category Defaults” section of the Quoting Settings module in the Admin Console.
  2. In the Quote Request form for apparel and promotional products, the “Custom Sizes” toggle has been renamed to “Non-Apparel Sizes.”
  3. Resolved an issue preventing Admins from editing the default text in the “Text Block” component in the Page Designer module.
  4. Resolved further issues in addition to those resolved in Agora 3.11 preventing Supplier Admins and Site Users from searching for SKUs and Product names when adding catalog products to Quotes and Requests.

Updated on May 9, 2023

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