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Agora 3.13 – 5/17/23

Agora 3.13 rolls out a shipping address management enhancement and a couple small bug fixes.


  1. User-Managed Address Book
    1. It is now possible for Site Users in Stores and Marketplaces to save more than one shipping address to their profile. When requesting Quotes, or at checkout when ordering catalog products, Site Users can choose an address from their personal address book.
    2. If an Admin-managed Shipping Address Book is enabled in a given Site, and Site Users are not restricted to using only those addresses, they will have the option to select from both their personal address book and the Admin-managed Shipping Address Book.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue causing incorrect shipping rate calculation after connecting a third-party carrier account to an Agora Platform.
  2. If a Site has a custom checkout step, that custom page now appears after accepting a Quote and before the standard Quote checkout.
Updated on May 17, 2023

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