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Agora 3.2 – 1/20/23

Agora 3.2 rolls out several new features to accommodate specific client needs in addition to a batch of bug fixes.


  1. Amplified Accessibility
    1. While our Stores and Marketplaces are already WCAG 2.1 AA compatible, there are some clients who have more strict requirements for accessibility. To accommodate these clients’ needs, we modified the Site Styling module to include an “Amplified Accessibility” toggle.
  2. Buyer Questionnaires
    1. For Buyers with complex royalty logic or who need to capture additional information from Site Users in a Quote Request, we’ve introduced Buyer Questionnaires that accompany Quote Requests through the quoting process. Buyer Questionnaires require custom setup by the development team on a per-Site basis.
  3. Page Messages and Eyebrow Messages
    1. A new Page Messages module has been added to Site Settings where Page Messages and Eyebrow Messages can be created and managed
    2. Page Messages appear below the Site header on specific pages
    3. Eyebrow Messages appear above the Site header on all pages and can be closed by clicking an “X” icon
  4. Zip code fields now allow the “Zip+4” format for US zip codes

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved a system email bug for partial order fulfillment
  2. Resolved a page loading bug in the Store product category manager
  3. Resolved a bug causing URL attachments in Quotes to appear in the wrong format
  4. Resolved a bug preventing order approval in some cases
  5. Resolved a tagline banner bug on some product pages
  6. Several other small bug fixes
Updated on May 4, 2023

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