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Agora 3.4 – 3/8/23

Agora 3.4 rolls out several new features to accommodate specific client needs in addition to a batch of bug fixes.


  1. If a Site User account has the same email address as an Approver Admin account, that Site User now no longer needs to approve their own orders.
  2. If a Supplier submits a Quote with $0.00-priced products, the system now warns them that one or more products are not priced.
  3. Released custom checkouts for several clients

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved several system email bugs preventing emails from being received
  2. Resolved several issues impacting Sites’ accessibility
  3. Resolved a bug where Quote details disappeared when an item was deleted from a Supplier-initiated Quote
  4. Resolved a bug causing Quote details to disappear when an item was deleted from a Supplier-initiated Quote
  5. Resolved a bug causing UNSPSC codes associated with line items in Quotes to not appear to Suppliers when fulfilling the Quote order
  6. Resolved a bug preventing items from catalog orders that were denied approval from being added back into the Site User’s shopping cart after clicking “Edit Order”
Updated on May 4, 2023

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