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Agora 3.7 – 4/3/23

Agora 3.7 includes a new feature allowing Admins to manage brand colors for product decoration along with several other small bug fixes.


  1. Brand Color Library
    1. Found under Site Settings, this module enables admins to create a palette of brand colors that Site Users may select from when requesting Quotes for or placing orders of decorated apparel or promotional products.
    2. Selected color details for a given product’s decoration locations are passed to both Approvers and Suppliers.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue preventing Site Users from moving directly to checkout after accepting a Quote.
  2. Resolved an issue preventing royalties from being added to apparel and promotional products during quoting.
  3. Resolved an issue causing the incorrect per-unit product price to appear in Quotes and orders after royalties were applied.
  4. Consistency has been added to password reset fields across the system.
  5. When a decoration location’s artwork file is downloaded, it will now download directly to the user’s computer instead of opening in a new browser tab.
Updated on May 4, 2023

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