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Agora 3.8 – 4/7/23

Agora 3.8 rolls out several small bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved an issue preventing the order approval workflow from functioning correctly when “Handshake” was the only enabled payment method for Quote orders.
  2. If an Admin is selected as the Approver for Quote orders in addition to being the Approver for a payment method-based approver workflow, that Approver no longer needs to approve the same order twice.
  3. Resolved an issue preventing Admins from searching for products using the product name in the “Select Product” popup in the page designer.
  4. Resolved an issue preventing the “Supplier Admins” block from appearing on the Admin Console Edit Supplier page in a Marketplace.
  5. Resolved an issue preventing swatches from being correctly reordered in the Brand Color Library.
  6. The Brand Color Library now contains PMS “U” colors as well as PMS “C” colors.
Updated on May 4, 2023

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