Benefits to Licensing

As a Licensing Director, AgoraCX will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle, in several ways.

  1. Save lots of time answering licensee questions.  With everything built-in and streamlined, licensees will quickly fall into a routine.  And you won’t have to get involved in every single step of every single one of their projects.
  2. No need to keep pointing your campus users in the right direction.  All of the licensees are in one place and easily accessible.  Filters help your campus users figure out who is local and who is licensed to provide decorated items in each category.
  3. Add your own Licensing Authorization Form questions.  We’ll integrate all the questions you need into the quote request process. These will help the system automatically determine royalties and provide historical data for each project.  That way, you can guarantee that everyone is following the correct protocols.
  4. Royalties are automatically added to each quote.  Just wanted to emphasize that again.
  5. Gain control, visibility, and accountability.  All projects are in one place giving you a high altitude view of everything happening on campus.
  6. Users will actually want to use the system.  The built-in multi-vendor quoting tool will help users gain and locate best deals, quality, and opportunities. 
  7. Generate more royalty revenue.  With increased control and accountability, you can ensure all rules are followed, and thus collect more royalty revenue at the end of the day. 
  8. Collect more data.
  9. Eliminate mistakes.
  10. Save time and money.
Updated on February 11, 2019

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