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Building your AgoraCX Platform

Welcome to AgoraCX!  We’re super excited to help you get this up and running for your organization.   


The onboarding process is divided into four phases.  The estimated time involved assumes an active level of involvement on your part (this is a team effort!).


  1. Phase One: First Draft // 1-2 weeks
  2. Phase Two: Customize // 1-3 weeks
  3. Phase Three: Test // 1 hour Webex
  4. Phase Four: Launch // 1-3 weeks

Total time from start to active platform: 5-10 weeks

Materials to Collect

All of these materials aren’t needed until Phases 2 and 3, but it’s still a good idea to think ahead.

  1. Your sales tax exemption certificate, if applicable.
  2. Your royalty logic. We’ll provide you a spreadsheet template in Phase 2.  If you have super complicated royalties, now’s a good time to start simplifying.
  3. A list of 3-5 of your suppliers who would be willing to test the platform before you launch.
  4. Two email addresses: a primary email for your licensing manager account, and a secondary email for your user level account for testing (this can be a personal email).

Phase 1: First Draft

You can sit back and relax during this phase, we don’t need you until Phase 2.

CoreXpand will collaborate with your licensing agency to:

  1. Create a basic AgoraCX site featuring your up-to-date logo and color palette.
  2. Upload your list of approved suppliers, complete with their contact info and approved product categories.
  3. Add your school’s color palette to the quote request form, for users to have easy access to your approved PMS and HEX colors (this step will take a little longer if you have custom PMS colors).
  4. Add a link to your brand guidelines to the quote request form.

Completed in 1-2 weeks

Phase 2: Customize

An AgoraCX team member will reach out with a link to the first draft of your site.  We’ll also send you a spreadsheet template to capture your royalty logic.

Your Tasks

  1. Create a user level account at the link we send you; save these credentials for later.  If you’re going to play the role of licensing manager (the approver), then save your primary email address for later, and use a secondary or personal email address to create your user account.
  2. Review your shell site and confirm your logo and colors are accurate.
  3. Click “Start a Project” and fill out the quote request form.  Look out for areas we may need to customize to adapt to your organization’s rules or processes, for example:
    1. Add or take away a question in the licensing authorization form, the first part of the quote request (this will extend your onboarding timeline)
    2. Add custom text next to a question on screen to explain an aspect unique to your school
  4. Send us any custom content you’d like to include in the “Trademark FAQs” tab.  This could be as simple as a link to your current style guide, or a couple paragraphs of content.  Up to you!
  5. Provide us details for the licensing director account:
    1. Who will fulfill this role on your team?
    2. What is their primary email?
    3. If not you, then please introduce this person to us.
  6. Provide us your royalty logic, using the spreadsheet template we send you.  We’ll just need you to fill out the column highlighted in yellow.

Completed in 1-3 weeks.

*The Licensing Director role in the AgoraCX platform fulfills two important tasks.  The first is to confirm all projects before orders are placed (artwork approvals will happen later through the normal approval channels).  The second is to play a general support role should any suppliers or campus users have questions.

Phase 3: Test

After we complete your customizations, and before you launch to campus, we’ll want to verify that all of your customizations are in place and working properly. To do this, your AgoraCX rep will stage a live test run, which you’ll walk through together in a 45-60min webinar.

No need to prepare anything in advance for this step!  Just come ready to provide feedback as we go through each step of each user type.

Phase 4: Launch

  1. First, launch to suppliers.  Send out a mass email to suppliers introducing them to the system and inviting them to activate their account.  Only the suppliers who activate their account will appear in the directory, so this step is important.  We will provide you with email templates and videos for this launch sequence.  We’ll also work with you to decide on the number of emails, email content, timeline, etc. 
  2. Second, launch to campus members.  That is, to students, faculty, staff, and anyone who will be using your AgoraCX marketplace for bulk purchases.  We’ll also provide you materials for this step.
  3. Fulfill your role as users and licensees use the system.  In the beginning, you’ll need to help raise awareness on campus, as well as educate users and licensees on how the process works and why this matters.  Once everyone gets the hang of it, you’ll transition into mostly just fulfilling your role as the licensing director.

Completed in 1-3 weeks.

Updated on July 25, 2019

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