Site Login Settings

The Site Login Settings module is where Admins can control how users are allowed to access your Marketplace.

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Use the Select Landing Page dropdown to choose whether visitors will see a login page or your Site’s home page when they first visit your Marketplace. If you select Home Page, visitors will see all content on your home page, but clicking any navigation item or button will bring the visitor to the login page.

Use the toggle to enable or disable the ability for new visitors to sign up for an account in the Marketplace. If sign up is enabled, a visitor will be able to enter their name, email address, and/or Alternate ID to create a Site User account. If sign up is disabled, Site Users will need to be created or invited by Admins in the Admin Console.

Use the Select Login Method dropdown to select whether users can log in with their email address only, an Alternate ID only, or with either. An Alternate ID could be a username, employee ID number, or other user-specific identifier.

Alternate ID Settings

[Screenshot of Alternate ID Settings Section with the toggle]

If Alternate ID is allowed as a login method, the Alternate ID Settings block will appear. If sign up is disabled, use the toggle to choose whether an Alternate ID should be read-only or editable. If a Site User’s Alternate ID is Read-Only, it will need to be assigned by an administrator. And while the Alternate ID will be visible to the User in their profile, it will not be editable. If sign up is enabled, the Alternate ID will be editable by default.

Use the Alternate ID Display Name field to indicate whether the Alternate ID is a username, employee ID number, etc.

Site Password

[Screenshot of Site Password section with checkbox checked]

For an added layer of security, click the checkbox in this section to require users and visitors to enter a specific password before reaching the Marketplace landing page. Create the password in the Site Password field.

[Screenshot of Site Password page on front end]

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the Save button at the top or bottom right-hand side of the page.

Updated on March 21, 2023

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