Order Approval Settings

The Order Approval Settings module is where Buyer Admins can enable and configure all settings related to Order Approval in a given Marketplace. 

[Screenshot of Order Approval Settings (Enabled)]

Set the toggle on the Order Approval Settings page to “On” to enable Order Approval. Additional page content will appear.

Order Approval cannot be used with the “Guest Checkout” selection in Site Login Settings. No settings will be visible on the Order Approval Settings page if this is the case. 

When Order Approval is enabled, orders will only pass through an approval process when one or more Admins have been designated as an Approvers in Manage Admins and when Approval is required for a payment method, order amount, for Quote orders, or for one or more specific Site Users.

Approval Type

There are two types of Order Approval that determine which Approver is responsible for approving an order.

[Detail Screenshot of Approval Type section]

  1. Session-Based Approval: When this method is selected, Site Users will select an Approver at checkout each time an order qualifies for approval. The Approvers available for selection will only be Approvers assigned to Approval Level 1.

    [Detail screenshot of Front-End session-based Approval]
  2. Assign Users to Approvers: When this method is selected, assign Site Users to specific Level 1 Approvers on the Edit Site User page. Unassigned users will select an Approver at checkout the first time that they make a purchase, and that Approver will be assigned to them for future purchases.

    [Detail screenshot of front-end Assign User to Approvers checkout]

Approval Levels

Use Approval Levels to create a hierarchy of Approvers. If an order is approved by a lower-level Approver, it will be passed to an Approver at the next level for their Approval. Use the dropdown to select the number of Approval Levels the Marketplace will have. You can create up to 10 levels. At least one Admin must be designated as an Approver at each Approval Level. You may also choose to tie each Approval Level to an order amount threshold. Use the fields for each level to assign an increasing dollar amount to each. If a Site User’s order total falls below the dollar amount assigned to a certain level, that level of Approval will not be required.

[Detail Screenshot of Approval Levels block7Detail Screenshot of Approval Levels blockDetail Screenshot of Approval Levels block]

Require Order Approval for Payment Methods

You may also choose to require orders using a certain payment method to go through an approval process. Use the toggles to require Order Approval for Credit Card or Purchase Order payment methods. If either of the payment method blocks is grayed out, that method must be enabled in Payment Methods.

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the “Save” button at the top or bottom right-hand side of the page.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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