Invite or Create a New User

The Invite or Create a New User module is where Admins can create and customize a new Site User account in a Marketplace. Site Users are end users on the front-end Marketplace. They are the customers within a Buyer organization who request Quotes and place orders from participating Suppliers.

[Screenshot of Invite or Create a New User page]

Enter the new Site User’s first name, last name, email address, phone number, and Alternate ID in the first block. If enabled as a login option in Site Login Settings, the Alternate ID can be used by the Site User to log into the Marketplace instead of their email address. Choose whether or not the Site User can edit their Alternate ID in their Profile in Site Login Settings. Neither the phone number nor the Alternate ID is required.

If Order Approval is enabled in the Marketplace, an Order Approval Settings block will appear. If the Assign Users to Approvers method is selected in Order Approval Settings, select the Approver to whom orders placed by the new Site User will be sent for approval. If the Send all of this User’s orders for Approval toggle is set to Yes, every order placed by the new Site User will be sent for Approval, regardless of the dollar amount or payment method used.

[Detail Screenshot of  Order Approval Settings block with toggle and dropdown]

User Grouping

If multiple payment methods are enabled for your Marketplace (both Credit Card and Purchase Order), and if Login Before Browse is selected in Site Login Settings, the Payment Method User Groups module will become functional, and a User Grouping expandable section will appear on the Invite or Create a New User page. Payment Method User Groups allow some Site Users to have access to one or more payment methods at checkout, and other Site Users to have access to different payment method(s) at checkout.

When expanded by clicking the arrow on the left-hand side of the User Grouping section, a Select Payment Method User Group dropdown will appear. This dropdown will display all combinations of enabled payment methods. Select the payment method or methods that can be used by the new Site User at checkout. 

[Detail screenshot of User Grouping section]

Shipping and Billing Address

When expanded by clicking the arrow on the left-hand side of the Shipping and Billing Address section, Shipping Address and Billing Address blocks will appear. Edit and Save the new Site User’s addresses here, or leave them blank. The Site User will be able to save shipping and billing addresses and edit their account details on their Marketplace profile once they log in.

When you’ve finished adding details for the new Site User, it’s time to save the user. There are two options at the top and bottom right-hand side of the page:

  1. Save and Set Password. Click this button to create a password for the new Site User. Enter a password in the field in the popup. Click the eye icon to show or hide the entered password. Once the password is strong and meets the listed criteria, click the Set Password button. The new Site User’s password will be set and their account will be created. Once the new Admin has logged in with the password you created, they can change their password in their Marketplace profile.
  2. Save and Send Invitation. Click this button to send an invitation email to the Site User’s email address (entered above) with a link to set their password themselves. The Site User account will be created, but the new Site User will not be able to log in until they have set a password for their account.

[Detail screenshot of two save buttons]

Click the Back button on the confirmation popup once the Site User’s password has been set or the invitation email has been sent to return to the Invite or Create a New User page to create another new Site User.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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