New User Defaults

The New User Defaults module enables Admins to set default settings related to Order Approval and User Grouping that will apply to all new Site Users in the Marketplace. This module will not appear if order approval is disabled and either a single payment method is enabled or Guest Checkout is enabled in Site Login Settings.

The Order Approval and User Grouping settings set here will become defaults that can be overridden when adding a new Site User in Invite or Create a New User. If Sign Up is enabled in Site Login Settings, enabling customers to create their own accounts in the Marketplace, the settings in New User Defaults will apply to Site Users who sign up on their own.

[Screenshot of New User Defaults page]

Order Approval Settings

If Order Approval is enabled in the Marketplace, an Order Approval Settings block will appear. If the Assign Users to Approvers method is selected in Order Approval Settings, select the default Approver to whom orders placed by new Site Users will be sent for approval. If the Send all New Users’ orders for Approval? toggle is set to Yes, every order placed by new Site Users will be sent for Approval, regardless of the dollar amount or payment method used.

[Detail Screenshot of  Order Approval Settings block with toggle and dropdown]

User Grouping

If multiple payment methods are enabled for your Marketplace (both Credit Card and Purchase Order), and if Login Before Browse is selected in Site Login Settings, the Payment Method User Groups module will become functional, and a User Grouping block will appear on the New User Defaults page. Payment Method User Groups allow some Site Users to have access to one or more payment methods at checkout, and other Site Users to have access to different payment method(s) at checkout.

The Default Payment Method User Group dropdown will display all combinations of enabled payment methods. Select the payment method or methods that can be used by new Site Users at checkout. 

[Detail screenshot of User Grouping section]

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the Save button.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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