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The Create a New Marketplace module is where Admins with Platform access can start building new Marketplaces inside the Platform. This page collects the minimum information required to create a shell Marketplace. Additional settings will need to be configured at the Site level before a Marketplace is ready to go live.

[Create a New Marketplace Screenshot]

Enter the name of your new Marketplace in the Marketplace Name field. The Marketplace name should be recognizable, and unlike the Platform name, the Marketplace name will be visible to Site Users in certain system emails and front-end interfaces. In some cases, the Marketplace Name may be the same as your Platform name.

The Marketplace URL is where your Marketplace will appear on the web. Short, simple URLs are generally best.

Quickly populate your new Marketplace with all the settings from another Marketplace in your Platform by selecting the target Marketplace from the “Copy settings from another Marketplace?” dropdown. Admins, Site Users, and Suppliers will not be copied from the selected Marketplace. 

[Detail Screenshot of “Details” section]

Upload a .PNG or .JPG logo for your new Marketplace. This logo will appear in the My Marketplaces module, in system emails, and will be the default front-end header logo for the Marketplace until it’s replaced. Drag and drop a file into the uploader or click the Browse Files button to choose a file from your computer. Replace an uploaded logo by clicking the “X” button in the top right corner and uploading another.

[Detail Screenshot of “Logo” block with logo uploaded]

Click the arrow next to “Address and Contact” to expand the section. Enter the organization address for the Marketplace and the name of the person responsible for the Marketplace. In some cases, these may be the same as the Platform address and contact. These fields are not required, but if participating Suppliers need to contact your Marketplace, emails will be drafted to the contact email address provided.

[Detail Screenshot of “Address and Contact” block]

When you’ve finished entering all required details for the new Marketplace, click the “Create Marketplace” button. A confirmation popup will appear. Clicking “Jump into Marketplace” will redirect you to the Marketplace Dashboard at the Site level of the Admin Console.

Updated on March 10, 2023

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