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The Towson AgoraCX Marketplace has a few customizations that set it apart from the majority of other AgoraCX Marketplaces.  Definitely take a moment to get familiar with these differences, outlined below.


A 2.5% platform fee is taken off the top of ALL orders.

If the customer is paying with a credit card, then a 2.9% per transaction credit card fee is taken off the top, in addition to the 2.5% fee above.

Beginning July 1st, 2019, all Towson projects will involve an a 6% royalty fee, in addition to the fees above.

We help you calculate these fees into your quote in the calculation table.  You’ll see right away what we’re taking and what you’re taking home, so you can ensure that you’re covering all your costs.

Payment Tracks

Towson University buyers have two different Payment Tracks they can select from when submitting a quote request to you.  You can find their Payment Track selections in two places:

  1. In the email order confirmation you receive when an order is placed
  2. On the quote request page

Two Towson Payment Tracks:

  1. Credit Card or Check via AgoraCX – We’ll process these orders directly through AgoraCX. We’ll then send you a check within 30 days of the order being received by the customer. As mentioned in the previous section, please be sure to account for the 2.9% credit card fee when you enter your quote amount, as that fee will be deducted from the total quote. We process all orders under $5,000 via credit card or check.
  2. Purchase Order – Most orders over $5,000 will be purchase orders handled directly between the supplier and Towson. If it’s a PO, we’ll send you a bill for our 2.5% platform fee once the order has been delivered, or 15 days after the order is finalized in the AgoraCX system, whichever comes first.  Some large orders may be paid to AgoraCX, determined on a case by case basis. For questions, please contact TU’s Licensing Coordinator, Priya Exantus at pexantus@towson.edu.

How to Get Paid

If we’re processing the money for you, you must update the order status for fulfilled orders. This updated status indicates to the AgoraCX system that the funds for the order are ready to be released to the supplier. Payouts are made to suppliers every two weeks.  The cutoff dates for each batch are the 1st and 15th of the month. To learn more about how to update an order status, visit the Update Order Status article.


You have full control over the final amount that will be charged to the customer.  You can adjust that amount in the per item cost table, as well as in the additional fees section.

You can approach fees and pricing in a couple ways:

  • You can quote your final amount slightly higher (building in additional margin), to compensate for the fees.
  • You can consider the cost of the fees as part of your marketing budget, since AgoraCX grants you increased exposure to additional projects without added effort or marketing investment.  Viewing it this way will help keep your costs competitive.

We’ve structured our fees and calculating table in such a way as to give you the freedom and flexibility to decide how you want to approach fees, ultimately setting you up for maximum success!

Updated on August 23, 2019

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