The AgoraCX Overview

Welcome to AgoraCX!

What is AgoraCX, exactly? 

Our official, long definition: AgoraCX is an online, interactive marketplace offering streamlined, multi-vendor quoting tools that guarantee best prices and vendor exposure.  AgoraCX brings together brand owners, licensees, students (when applicable), and brand owner’s staff into one, centralized environment for sourcing and buying custom, branded merchandise in bulk, and offers the brand owner complete control and oversight over all merchandise projects and quote requests.

In shorter words: We bring suppliers, buyers, and licensing together into one central place to simplify everything involved in bulk buys, approvals, order processing, and more.

How does this process work?

  1. User starts a project.  This project could involve a bulk order of custom t-shirts, water bottles, polos, etc.  This first step requires the user to answer some questions about the project (which you can customize), and to provide helpful details, including screenshots, colors, and artwork files, to help the supplier quote the project accurately, and to help you make sure all of your branding rules are being followed. 
  2. User submits a quote request.  After outlining all the details, the system will automatically filter through the suppliers and display only the suppliers that are relevant to the project (the suppliers that fit the product category, location specification, etc.).  Then, the user will select a supplier, or multiple suppliers, to receive the quote request.
  3. Licensees respond to the quote request.  An email notification with a custom link will prompt licensees to respond to the request with a quote offer.  Definitely encourage your licensees to respond promptly.
  4. User reviews quote offers.  After a few days, or in some cases, a few minutes, the user will receive prices and timelines from licensees.  The user can compare all the offers in one place, making the decision process faster and easier.  After review, the user will select the lucky winner.
  5. User submits the bid for licensing to review.  This isn’t an official “approval”, as the supplier will still submit artwork through the standard approval channels, this will simply give licensing an opportunity to see and confirm all projects coming through.
  6. User completes the transaction.  If approved, the user will place the order and the licensee will produce the order.
Updated on May 29, 2019

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