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Introduction to Buyer Platforms

Agora has two types of Platforms:

  1. Buyer Platforms
  2. Supplier Platforms

Buyer Platforms are used by businesses or institutions that regularly buy from a variety of Suppliers and are often administrated by procurement or purchasing professionals, finance officers, licensing directors, or marketing directors.

Buyer Platforms are used to create and manage Marketplaces. A single Buyer Platform can contain any number of Marketplaces. In most cases, however, a Buyer Platform will contain a single Marketplace, often with the same name as the Platform. If this is the case, many of the reporting and management modules at the Platform level will be functionally identical to those at the Site level.

A fully-upgraded Buyer Platform will have the following sidebar categories:

  1. Platform Settings
  2. Manage Marketplaces
  3. Admins
  4. Quoting
  5. Order Approval
  6. Reports and Data
Updated on February 6, 2023

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