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Introduction to Stores

Stores are Sites created by Supplier Platforms. They are customer-facing e-commerce environments designed to sell products. Agora Stores can easily be used in B2C contexts, but include features that make them ideal for use in B2B contexts where customers are authorized Site Users in a given Buyer organization.

A Store is a front-end environment, but it is managed in the Admin Console at the Site level. In a Supplier Platform, navigate to My Stores at the Platform level, then click on the Store you want to manage. 

A Supplier Platform may contain multiple Stores created by the Supplier for specific Buyer organizations. While some of the Admin Console sidebar categories at the Site level of each of those Stores may have the same names as the sidebar categories at the Platform level, the reporting and management modules at the Site level will only provide visibility of and control over data and settings for that specific Store.

A fully-upgraded Store will have the following sidebar categories in the Admin Console:

  1. Store Settings
  2. Admins
  3. Site Users
  4. Quoting
  5. Products
  6. Payment Methods
  7. Order Approval
  8. Orders
  9. Reports and Data

Updated on February 8, 2023

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