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Navigating the Licensing Dashboard

The licensing dashboard offers several great tools and resources to you as the system administrator of your AgoraCX Marketplace:

  • Function to confirm projects before they can be finalized
  • A live snapshot of all quote activity
  • Detailed summaries of each quote request
  • Order statuses
  • Downloadable supplier list

How to Confirm Projects

If you’ve opted into having the confirmation step in the AgoraCX project timeline, then you’ll need to confirm each project before it can be finalized.

You’ll receive a system email notification each time we need you to review a new project.

You’ll find all projects that need your attention in the top table of your dashboard, projects with the status “Pending your review.”


Or, if you want to see only the projects that need your attention, then click “Pending Your Review” in the left navigation bar.


If you decide that you don’t want to have to confirm each project before it moves forward, then let us know.  We can remove this step anytime.

A Snapshot of All Quote Activity

After you address all projects that need your attention, you can browse the first two tables in your dashboard to see a quick view of projects at other stages in the AgoraCX timeline.

Click on the hyperlinked Project ID’s to access a full summary of all the project details.

These tables only displays five projects at a time, so be sure to click “View All” in the top right corner to see the rest.

Quick View – New Quote Requests

This top table displays all quote requests that haven’t turned into real orders yet.

  • “Pending your review” – this is the only status that requires action from you
  • “Quote Request Submitted” – these are new quote requests with no offers yet
  • “View Quotes Received” – suppliers have submitted offers, but the buyer hasn’t selected an offer yet

Quick View – Finalized User Quotes

This displays all quotes that have been finalized, received, and confirmed.  We rely on suppliers to manually update their order statuses to keep this table up to date.

Check Order Statuses

Curious to see what quotes have turned into actual orders?  Click on the “Orders” tab in your left navigation bar.


From here you can search for orders by order number, date, keyword, status, or project ID.

Download your Supplier List

This is a great feature if you want to check on the following details:

  • Which suppliers have activated their accounts (greyed out suppliers haven’t activated yet)
  • Which suppliers have recently logged in
  • What product categories are associated with each supplier

Just click on the “Suppliers” tab in the left navigation bar to access the downloadable CSV.

Updated on June 20, 2019

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