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As a supplier, before you’re visible to users in the AgoraCX directory, you first need to activate your account.  Your organization’s administrator will send you a custom link via email where you can do so.  Be sure to follow the set up instructions in that email.

Essentially, all you need to do to fully activate is set up your password and agree to our Terms of Service.  To help you stand out, we do recommend that you take a moment to polish your company profile, as this will help you attract more attention and business.

Editing Your Profile

You can edit your Company Profile at any time, not just when you first activate your account.  You’ll find your profile on your home dashboard:


From there, you can edit your company logo, description, and contact information.  Pro Tip: be sure to load a high resolution version of your company logo, as that is the first thing buyers will see when searching through the supplier directory, to decide who to send their quote request to.

Adding a Secondary Email

If you think you’ll need help managing all the quote requests coming through, you can set up a secondary point of contact on your Company Profile page.  We’ll copy this email address on all our communications with the primary contact.

This doesn’t set up a second account, and it won’t allow access into the primary contact’s account in AgoraCX.  But it will keep that secondary email address in the loop on all projects.


Updated on April 1, 2019

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