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The Supplier Profile module is where Supplier Admins can view and edit the information about their company that appears to Site Users on a given Connected Marketplace.

[Screenshot of Supplier Profile Page]


The Details block displays the Supplier name, logo, description, and rating that appears in the Connected Marketplace. If the Marketplace has allowed you edit your logo, Drag and drop a file into the uploader or click the Browse Files button to upload a .PNG or .JPG logo for the Supplier. Replace an existing logo by clicking the X button in the top right corner and uploading another. If the Marketplace has allowed you to edit your name and/or description, click the Edit button to change your Supplier name and description that appear in the Connected Marketplace. Click the Save button once you’ve finished making your changes.

[Detail Screenshot of Details section in edit state.]


Use the radio buttons in the Status block to activate or deactivate the connection to the Marketplace. When the “Inactive” status is selected, you will be hidden in the Marketplace’s front-end Supplier Directory and will not receive Quote Requests from Site Users. If, for whatever reason, the Marketplace has set your status to “Inactive” on their end, you will not be able to activate your connection. The “Active” button will appear greyed out. Use the “Message this Site” button in the Admin Console header to contact the Marketplace if you would like to be activated.

[Detail Screenshot of Status block]


The Statistics block lists several pieces of information your performance in the Marketplace. Here is what each piece of information means:

  1. Average Response Time is the average time that it takes you to create and submit a Quote once a Quote Request has been submitted to you.
  2. % of Quotes Won is the percentage of all Quote Requests you receive in which a Quote you created was accepted by the Site User.
  3. Order Processed is the total number of orders you have handled.
  4. Most Recent Order displays the order date of the latest order you have handled.

[Detail Screenshot of Statistics block]

Contact Information

The Contact Information block displays the contact information for the Supplier that appears on your front-end profile in the Connected Marketplace.

[Detail Screenshot of Contact Information block with collapsed info blocks]

An email to the address entered in the Default Contact Email Address field will be drafted when a Site User clicks on the Contact Supplier button on your front-end Profile page.

[Detail Screenshot of Contact Supplier button on the front-end Supplier Profile]

The URL entered in the Website URL field will open in a new tab when a Site User clicks on the Visit Website button on the Supplier’s front-end Profile page.

[Detail Screenshot of Visit Website button on the front-end Supplier Profile]

The Info Blocks section allows Buyer Admins and Supplier Admins if given permission, to create any number of multi-purpose info sections that list relevant contact methods, representatives, or addresses.

[Detail Screenshot of Contact Information block with 1 expanded and 1 collapsed info blocks]

[Detail Screenshot of corresponding info blocks on the front-end Supplier Profile]

When an info block is collapsed, clicking the arrow will expand it. If the Marketplace has allowed you to edit existing info blocks, expanding a block will place it in an edit state. All fields in an info block are optional, and any combination of fields can be used to represent any form of information. Click the Delete Info Block button to remove the block. Click and drag the reorder icon to reorder multiple info blocks on the page. When you’ve finished making your changes, click the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the block to collapse it.

If the Marketplace has allowed you add new info blocks, click the Add another contact info block region to create a new info block.


Designations are tags used by Marketplaces to call out what makes certain Suppliers unique. They make it easy for Site Users to filter for Suppliers that have characteristics they value when browsing the Directory or choosing Suppliers to receive a Quote Request. The Designations block displays all Designations that have been assigned to the Supplier by the Marketplace


Supplier Categories are used to group Suppliers based on the kinds of products and services they can provide. Categories are the primary way that Suppliers are organized in a Marketplace. The Categories block displays the Categories that the Supplier has been assigned to by the Marketplace. 

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the Save button. Click Preview Public Profile to see how your Supplier profile will appear to Site Users in the Marketplace.

Updated on April 25, 2023

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