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The My Stores module is where the Stores created in your Platform live. It’s where you will enter the Site level of the Admin Console when you need to administrate a specific Store.

[My Stores Screenshot (tile) with more than one Store (and Connected Marketplaces tab)]

All Stores in your Platform will appear on this page unless your Admin rights limit your access to some Stores. Use the button next to the page title to toggle between a tile view of the page, where each Store appears as a card, and the list view of the page, where all Stores appear as rows in a table. 

[Detail screenshot of view toggle button]

[My Stores Screenshot (list) with more than one Store]

If your Platform also participates in Buyer Marketplaces, click the Connected Marketplaces tab in the top right-hand side of the page or click Connected Marketplaces in the sidebar to see all the Buyer Marketplaces you participate in.

In tile view, click the card or Store name to administrate the Store at the Site level of the Admin Console. In list view, click the Enter button in the Action column.

If you have a number of Stores in your Platform, enter a Store name or ID in the search bar at the top of the page to find a specific Store, or pin Stores to the top of the list so that they’ll always be quickly accessible when you log in to the Admin Console. Pin Stores by clicking the pin icon that appears in the top right corner of the Store card in tile view, or in the Action column in list view.

[Detail screenshot of pinned card next to unpinned card with hover state showing pin icon]

[Detail screenshot of pinned and unpinned Store in list view]

In list view, sort the Stores in the table by clicking the arrow next to the column headers.

[Detail screenshot of column header sorting in list view]

In tile view, click the Create a New Store card to start building a new Marketplace. Click here for more on the Create a New Store module.

[Detail screenshot of Create a New Store card]

In list view, click the trash can icon in the Action column to delete a Store. A confirmation popup will appear. Deleting a Store cannot be undone. The Site will be removed from the web and all Site Users will be deleted.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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