Basic Settings

In the Supplier Platform, the Basic Settings module is where basic information related to the Platform, like name, logo, address, and contact info can be edited. 

[Supplier Platform Basic Settings Screenshot]

Your Platform name will appear in the Platform Name field and can be edited. The Platform name should be the name of your business or organization. If you participate or plan on participating in Buyer-controlled Marketplaces, this will be the default Supplier name that will appear to potential customers in those connected Marketplaces.

Your Platform ID is unique and generated by Agora. Platform Type will indicate that your platform is a Supplier Platform.

[Detail Screenshot of Details section with Buyer Platform type]

Upload a .PNG or .JPG logo for your Platform. Drag and drop a file into the uploader or click the Browse Files button to choose a file from your computer. Replace an existing logo by clicking the X button in the top right corner and uploading another. If a Buyer marketplace doesn’t upload a logo on your behalf, this will be the default logo that will appear to potential customers in connected Marketplaces.

[Detail Screenshot of Logo block with logo uploaded]

In the Address and Contact block, enter your organization address and the name of the person responsible for the Platform. These fields are not required, but if Agora needs to contact your organization about your Platform, we will reach out to the contact provided.

[Detail Screenshot of Address and Contact block]

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the Save button.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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