Promo Codes

The Promo Codes module is where Admins can enable and configure coupon/promo codes and gift certificate codes

[Screenshot of Promo Codes module (With several codes and certificates)]

The Promo Codes table lists all promo codes and gift certificates in the Store. Click the Add a Promo Code button to add a new row to the table.

In the Code field, enter the code that Site Users will enter to apply the Promo Code or Gift Certificate on the front-end Store.

Select one of the two options in the Code Type dropdown:

  1. Coupon/Promo Code. Promo Codes are applied in the shopping cart, and reduce the item subtotal by a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the subtotal.

    [Detail Screenshot of Promo Code field in Shopping Cart]
  2. Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates are applied at checkout, and reduce the order total by a fixed dollar amount, functioning something like a payment method.

    [Detail Screenshot of Gift Certificate field in Checkout]

Enter the dollar amount for the Promo Code or Gift Certificate in the $ Amount field. If Coupon/Promo Code was selected, you may enter a percentage in the % Amount field instead.

Use the Uses per User dropdown to select the number of times each Site User can use the Promo Code or Gift Certificate for their orders. In most cases, Promo Code usage is unlimited during the time it is enabled, but Gift Certificates are limited to 1 use.

Use the Expiration field to indicate the date on which the code will no longer be usable by Site Users. 

Use the toggle in the Action column to enable or disable codes. Expired codes will be disabled by default, but can be enabled again once the expiration date is updated. Click the trash can icon in the Action column to delete a code. 

When you’ve finished making your changes, click the Save button at the top or bottom right-hand side of the page.

Updated on March 6, 2023

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